Saudi policeman killed, 6 wounded in Qatif bomb attack

A policeman died after his patrol was attacked in Qatif, on Thursday. (Google Maps)
Updated 07 July 2017

Saudi policeman killed, 6 wounded in Qatif bomb attack

JEDDAH: A policeman was killed in a bomb attack in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province on Thursday, authorities said.

A police patrol was targeted while in the Al-Musawara neighborhood of Qatif Municipality resulting in the death of Cpl. Abdullah Treiki Al-Turki and wounding six others, the Interior Ministry said, cited by the official SPA news agency.

The attack, carried out by terrorists, was the second this week in the same area. On Tuesday morning Vice Sgt. Adel Faleh Al-Otaibi was killed and 3 others were wounded after a explosive projectile hit their vehicle.

Earlier Thursday, Sgt. Abdul Aziz Al-Turki, who was injured by an improvised explosive device in the town of Awamiyah in Qatif on Tuesday, died at the Central Hospital of Qatif.

Al-Turki was on duty patrolling the area in an armored vehicle when an explosive was thrown at him.

He was taken to hospital for emergency surgery on his head, but his health deteriorated.

Al-Musawara is a district in Awamiyah which the Saudi government has slated for development. It contains many abandoned houses which terrorists use for their hideouts. Last month, a security officer was martyred and another injured when workers of a contracting company came under fire while working on a housing project.

The district’s development project is considered one of the most significant programs to be carried by the Eastern Province Governorate. It is being supervised by the Qatif Municipality.

As part of the project, many dilapidated and abandoned houses had to be demolished. The narrow alleyways that led into the area posed immense risks to the residents. The existence of abandoned and destroyed houses became an obstacle for providing better civic services to the area’s residents.

Qatif residents in general and Awamiyah in particular welcomed the development project which includes the establishment of a public market, heritage stores, archaeological zone, cultural center, public library, sports facility, cafeterias, restaurants, commercial complex and women’s club.

The governorate confirmed that it will continue the demolition work of the old buildings to pave way for the implementation of the new project which will turn the central area of Awamiyah into a modern town.

KSRelief to provide 5,000 Yemenis with school supplies

Saudi Arabia is ranked the first donor in the world when it comes to humanitarian financial and logistical support in Yemen. AFP
Updated 17 July 2018

KSRelief to provide 5,000 Yemenis with school supplies

  • There are two million Yemeni children out of school because of the Houthis’ aggression against civilians
  • The total cost of all the projects provided by KSRelief since its establishment is $70 million

JEDDAH: King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) has launched a project to provide Yemeni students and schools with supplies to ensure that education continues across the country despite the brutal acts of militants. The trucks started to carrying the aid from Riyadh to Yemen on Monday.

“It is a project to provide Yemen’s schools with the essential needs to ensure a better and smoother educational environment, such as chairs, desks, and boards, in addition to students’ supplies. It will support nearly 5,000 students across Yemen,” said Dr. Samer Aljetaily, spokesman for KSRelief.
“The trucks will arrive first in Ma’arib, then it will be distributed to the most needed areas across the country’s schools and students.”
“My Education” is one of the big projects given to support Yemen’s people in health, shelter, infrastructure, environment and education to help the country stand on its feet regardless of any devastation caused by the militants.
“The total cost of all the projects provided by KSRelief since its establishment is $70 million. In terms of education, the center has given financial aid to schools, paid teachers’ salaries, and provided students’ essential school needs and meals. We will continue supporting our brothers and sisters in Yemen in all sectors.”
This project has been supported by the Saudi Ministry of Education and the Saudi-led Islamic Military Coalition. “The coalition always supports our all initiatives in the interest of Yemeni citizens. The coalition will protect the aid till it arrives in Ma’arib, then it will support logistically to facilitate the distribution of the supplies. Education is a priority for the Saudi government and for KSRelief.
“We have always supported education in Yemen and always will, whether it is for schools, educational institutions, students, teachers, or even educational curricular and psychological support departments to help students become better amid all the horrific acts caused by the Houthis. KSRelief is very keen on building a strong future with a well-educated generation of Yemenis.”
Asked whether there is a lack of international support for Yemen, he told Arab News: “Saudi Arabia, along with the UAE, has attracted global attention to Yemen’s humanitarian status in different ways, including direct funding for the infrastructure of the country and huge support for health, education and the environment. Saudi Arabia is ranked the first donor in the world when it comes to humanitarian, financial and logistical support in Yemen. This has encouraged other countries’ support as well.
“The UAE has greatly supported the Yemen humanitarian file with $1 billion. The international community has reacted to this.
“However, there must be more international collaboration to reduce the militants’ attacks on the aid and supplies and facilitate the entry of aid and ensure a higher level of safety. There is also need for better cooperation to protect students and children in the militants’ controlled areas,” he emphasized.
“The Saudi Ministry of Education has supported this initiative by providing school supplies and students’ essential supplies.”
There are two million Yemeni children out of school because of the Houthis’ aggression against civilians.