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Saudi Arabia

Asir governor orders deportation of two expat drivers from Saudi Arabia

Reckless maneuver seems both drivers ordered expelled from Saudi Arabia. (Al-Ekhbariya TV)

JEDDAH: Asir Gov. Prince Faisal bin Khalid has ordered the deportation of two truck drivers after a video emerged showing both attempting a dangerous overtaking procedure on one of the region's roads, Al-Ekhbariya TV reported on Wednesday.
The governor order both expat drivers deported after the implementation of all necessary penalties.
The video, posted on Twitter by Al-Ekhbariya TV, shows the first truck driver attempting a dangerous overtaking maneuver on a narrow road before the second truck driver audaciously attempts to overtake the first truck while it was performing the reckless act.
Road accidents are the main cause of death in the Kingdom, at a rate of 21 deaths per day.

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