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WATCH: The moment politicians gave up on debate and started throwing chairs

Politicians fight in Taiwanese Parliament (YouTube)

The art of debate can sometimes get lost in the heat of the moment, as two Taiwanese politicians displayed recently during a session on infrastructure reform.
Now video footage has been made available that shows just how violent the debate became.
The televised debate erupted into a fight between the two women, who exchanged slaps and tried to strangle each other. But it was fast to spread, with members throwing water balloons at each other, one man can even be seen picking up a chair.
President of the Legislative Yuan, Su Chia-chyuan, called for calm and order, but these pleads appeared to be ignored, leaving Su to simply exclaim: “Everyone is watching,” probably referring to the presence of television cameras.
The protest by KMT was in response to claims that the $14.012 billion reform largely favored cities and counties loyal to the ruling party.