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First Saudi women’s sports camp in Madinah launched

In this May 12, 2014 file photo, a girl shoots baskets during team practice at a private sports club in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. (AP)

RIYADH: Prince Muqrin bin Abdul Aziz University (PMAU) has launched the first women’s sports camp in Madinah, with various activities lined up between July 31 and Aug. 15.
The sporting activities are for girls aged 5-15, boys aged 5-9 and young women aged 16 and above, local media reported.
Courses offered include taekwondo for boys and girls, and fitness sessions for females. There are also football and basketball tournaments for boys and girls.
An integrated building with basketball and badminton courts can accommodate more than 100 fans, and includes a sports club and changing rooms.
A gym with state-of-the-art equipment has been opened, and sports coaches with international certificates from Canada and Germany will be present.
The sports camp comes on the heels of increased interest in sports for women in the Kingdom in general, and in Madinah in particular.
A PMAU official said the university has been supporting women’s sports since its launch three years ago.
The sports coordinator said the university runs women’s courses in accordance with Shariah regulations.
The PMAU is looking forward to qualifying students to represent it in women’s tournaments soon, she added.

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