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WATCH: News anchor’s hilarious despair at dog surfing ‘story’

BBC’s Simon McCoy loses the will to continue with surfing dog story (YouTube)
But look Simon, it’s a report about surfing dogs! (YouTube)
What’s not to love? This dog’s clearly having a great time (YouTube)
Simon?... Come on, it’s cute... No?... (YouTube)

News anchors are meant to show interest and feeling for the stories they are reading to the audience, they are the voice of authority, no matter the content.
But in fairness, they are also only human, and sometimes – especially during the summer months, better known as the “silly season” – it is not always easy to feel the passion the author of the story might have intended.
BBC News’ Simon McCoy recently gave a good example of where an anchor’s despair at a story is obvious from the outset.
McCoy starts with a preemptive “Now bear in mind that it is August,” before he goes on to provide a narrative over video footage of surfing dogs in what is obviously a less than enthusiastic tone.
At one point his frustrated sighs can even be heard. But the best is left until the end, when the video finishes and the shot cuts back to McCoy in the BBC News studio and he says: “That’s a shame, we’ve run out of pictures,” before handing over to the weather presenter with one final quip.