PISJ-ES celebrates Pakistan’s Independence Day

PISJ-ES Principal Adnan Nasir's speech was followed by a cultural program.
Updated 20 August 2017

PISJ-ES celebrates Pakistan’s Independence Day

PISJ-ES recently organized an event to mark the 70th Independence Day of Pakistan.
Hannan Ismail Kutubhanah, head of educational affairs at King Abdul Aziz University, was the chief guest.
The school premises were decorated with the country’s flags, banners and a display of green and white lights.
Members of the Pakistani community, including journalists, students, school faculty and their families joined in to celebrate the national day.
Organizers said the main objective of the event was to revive the spirit of patriotism and sovereignty as a nation on one hand, and to commemorate and pay tribute to the struggles and sacrifice of their ancestors.
The program commenced with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an followed by national anthems of both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
Principal Adnan Nasir said: “Pakistan is not just a political entity spanning over hundreds of thousands of square kilometers, nor was it brought into being for race, language or political aspiration. It birthed solely in the name of freedom, of faith and religion. It is a fortress of good hope for the oppressed, a refuge for minorities, and a place of salvation for all who call it home.”
Nasir stressed on the importance of education and urged the community to contribute toward the development of Pakistan.
“Let’s be the initiators rather than being the complainers, let’s be the authors of promoting equality rather than being critics of justice, let’s be the torch-bearers of knowledge rather than being the followers of farfetched unsocial values, let’s become the proud youth of Pakistan and work toward the progress of our motherland rather than being the influencers of our counterparts,” he added.
The principal’s speech was followed by a cultural program, in which PISJ-ES students from all grade levels performed on the country’s national and patriotic songs.
Through a series of dances, students presented the vibrant colors of Pakistan’s provincial and national apparel, its natural beauty and achievements.
A duet recital by senior school boys was another highlight of the event.
The principal presented a shield as a souvenir of gratitude to the chief guest.
The program concluded with a cake-cutting ceremony.

PNU, Dell EMC certify first batch of female data scientists

Updated 18 August 2018

PNU, Dell EMC certify first batch of female data scientists

Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University (PNU), the largest university for women in the world, has partnered with Dell EMC to train and certify Saudi Arabia’s first batch of female data scientists.

In line with Saudi Vision 2030 to promote a knowledge-based economy, PNU partners with national and international organizations to provide degrees and certificates for Saudi female students and graduates. 

The College of Computer and Information Sciences provides a number of certifications and technical training courses in its curriculum for three bachelor degrees — computer science, information systems and information technology. As a member of Dell EMC’s External Research and Academic Alliance Program, the college has successfully trained and certified 57 female data science and big data analytics students this semester with an additional 103 students certified in cloud infrastructure. 

The university also successfully introduced the VMware Install, Configure and Manage course as an elective training course for senior students. 

Auhood Alfaries, dean of College of Computer and Information Sciences, PNU, said: “Building a comprehensive curriculum to cover the essential knowledge area for the computing disciplines and to equip our students with the skills required for the future workplace is a priority for Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University. We are proud to be a leading university to actively promote the data-skilled taskforce in the Kingdom through the introduction of industry-relevant certifications and trainings. 

“We strive to continually evolve to contribute toward building a knowledge-based economy, in alignment with Saudi Vision 2030, through strategic academic partnerships such as the Dell EMC External Research and Academic Alliance program which plays a crucial role in effectively developing our students into tomorrow’s workforce.” 

A recent study by Dell Technologies titled “Realizing 2030: A Divided Vision of the Future” highlighted the lack of workforce readiness as the leading barrier in the Middle East to becoming a successful digital business in 2030, further emphasizing the need for skill development among existing employees and future generations. 

Mohammed Amin, senior vice president and regional manager, Middle East, Turkey and Africa, Dell EMC, said: “The unrelenting pace of digital transformation in the marketplace is creating new challenges for all of us where organizations as well as individuals are increasingly realizing that investing in workforce readiness and the development of new skills is key to future success and competitive differentiation. 

“We congratulate Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University on this wonderful achievement and look forward to continuing to work with them to advance the technical education of women in the region.”

Marwa Zaghow, senior manager, External Research and Academic Alliance, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, Dell EMC, said: “The Dell EMC External Research and Academic Alliance program collaborates with innovative colleges and universities like Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University to effectively contribute to the regional priority of developing IT skillsets among the youth and specifically women.”