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Saudi Arabia

Tawafa establishments complete training for Hajj

Officials distribute Zamzam water to pilgrims in Makkah. (SPA)
MAKKAH: The National Tawafa Establishment for Pilgrims of Arab Countries has completed the training and qualification of more than 300 female employees for the current Hajj season.
The establishment’s deputy president, Mohammed bin Hasan Muajini, said it has qualified female employees to provide services to pilgrims, assess their satisfaction, provide first aid and respond to calls on the consolidated call number.
The current year has witnessed a remarkable expansion in the services provided by the women’s committees, he said.
The assistant head of the women’s section at the establishment, Maha Miski, said it aims to promote services provided to Arab pilgrims in parallel with those provided by the government to all pilgrims.
Meanwhile, the National Tawafa Establishment for Pilgrims of Non-Arab African Countries has completed more than 10 training programs for heads of field service offices in preparation for the current Hajj season.
Since the start of the current Hijri month (Dhul Qaada), the establishment has selected and trained teams assigned to organize pilgrim groupings from their tents in Mina to Jamarat Bridge, and to care for the aged and those with special needs.

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