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Saudi Arabia

Suspected rapist of 7-year-old Pakistani girl arrested by Saudi police in Taif

TAIF: An African resident with a criminal background was picked up for questioning about the rape of a seven-year-old Pakistani girl. During questioning, when presented with the evidence, he confessed to the crime and was handed over to the Public Prosecution.
The press secretary for the Makkah police said that on Aug. 16, Taif police were informed that a seven-year-old Pakistani girl residing had disappeared for about one hour and was later found lying unconscious near her parents’ house, raped by an unknown assailant. The girl was rushed to a hospital, but she was unable to provide police with any information due to her psychological and physical condition. The press secretary said that authorities processed the evidence which led to the suspect’s arrest.
The Human Rights National Assembly representative in Taif, Adel Al-Thabiti, and King Abdul Aziz Hospital manager Ali Al-Zahrani yesterday visited the girl. Al-Thabiti indicated that his visit was to get information about the medical and psychological services available to the victim.
He praised the medical and health care services provided by the hospital’s medical, technical and social work staff.
Female social workers are monitoring the girl’s situation and providing her family with the support they need.
After she leaves the hospital, the girl will be followed up by psychiatrists and psychologists in the community.

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