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Saudi Arabia

Saudi hospitals continue to provide services to Hajjis

A Hajj pilgrims is treated by a doctor at a local hospital in Makkah. (File photo)
MAKKAH: Hospitals in Makkah and Madinah continue to provide quality medical services to pilgrims during the current Hajj season, the Ministry of Health said.
Since the beginning of the current Hijri month of Dhul Qaada, the ministry’s medical teams have conducted 102 cardiac catheterizations, six open-heart surgeries, 752 renal dialyzes, and 32 eye and 259 general surgeries.
The number of patients visiting emergency departments in Makkah and Madinah hospitals reached 9,935, while the number of out-patient clinic and center patients reached 14,126 and 119,964, respectively, the ministry said.
The ministry has activated field and emergency medical services during the Hajj season with some 29,000 medical practitioners in various medical, administrative and technical areas.

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