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Anti-racism regulation draft on top of Saudi Shoura agendas

JEDDAH: The Shoura Council’s Islamic and Judicial Affairs Committee has studied the anti-racism draft regulation and is ready to submit to the Committee Affairs General Department soon, according to Abdul Aziz Issa, the head of the committee.
In a press conference, Issa said the committee was keen on putting the anti-racism draft regulation on top of the upcoming seventh session agenda.
It is therefore necessary to take into account the opinion of specialists with regards to the draft regulation’s articles.
He said: “After performing an in-depth study of the draft regulation in all its aspects, the committee, in its report, called upon the council to examine this regulation that, if adopted, could consolidate national stability and social security.”
The idea of the draft resolution, he said, emerged from a basic law according to which consolidating national unity is a duty and that the state shall forbid all activities that may lead to disorder, division, or partition.
In mid-August, the Office of the Public Prosecutor stated that it would take legal action against every individual who sows the seeds of hatred, sectarianism or ideological and religious-based discrimination, and those who attempt to mislead the public opinion to justice, based on its general mandate that allows it to undertake criminal proceedings against any criminal.
Shaikh Saud Al-Mujab, the Saudi public prosecutor said: “The Public Prosecution will immediately take legal action against any content that shall harm society, regardless of its used material, pretexts, or means of publication, whether media, social media, lectures, speeches, or books, inter alia, by virtue of its mandate, laws and regulations.”
Al Mujab stressed that the word is a powerful weapon. This is why the Public Prosecution will take the necessary measures whenever the freedom of expression is violated.

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