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Bahrain: Qatar was behind ‘tragic’ 2011 protests

Bahraini protesters are seen raising national flags. (File photo by AFP)
MANAMA: A broadcast by Bahrain’s official news agency on Tuesday said Qatar was behind the “tragic events” of 2011, which saw an upsurge in protests by the Arabian Gulf island-state’s Shiite majority.
Investigations by Bahraini experts found that “the reason behind the first demonstration was Qatari,” according to the TV report.
“Day after day, the secrets of the Qatari conspiracy are being revealed regarding the tragic events of 2011 in Bahrain ... in order to achieve the goal of the Qatari regime. Chaos, destruction, conspiracies and schemes were carried out by the Qatari regime as cheap shots against Bahrain. Bahrain handled this firmly and with wisdom, unlike the Qatari regime,” according to the report.
The report added: “Qatar launched the first spark that triggered chaos and subversion in Bahrain, by using social media for sedition through a comprehensive scheme that used the financial, logistical and media support for violence and terrorism acts in Bahrain. The roots of this conspiracy go back to Jan. 26, 2011, one day after the beginning of demonstrations in Egypt in the context of the so-called Arab Spring.
The first spark of the civil strife was launched in Bahrain, when an account called ‘Good News Informer’ published on the online site an invitation to fix a day, claiming to agree on Feb. 14, and carried on to the following phase of determining the
place in the context of a clearly defined scheme.”

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