Israel is forging its role with fire


Israel is forging its role with fire

A Facebook user sarcastically commented that Israel bombed a Syrian chemical plant this week to celebrate Bashar Assad’s victory over his “terrorist” opponents. Indeed, over the past few years, many have made fun of the fact that Israel has repeatedly struck Syria with no response except for lame statements and killing more citizens.
This week’s strike, which Israel said was launched from Lebanese airspace, seems like an attempt to make a statement and take a bold position in the Syrian arena. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Russian President Vladimir Putin two weeks ago that his country was ready to act unilaterally to prevent Iran’s military expansion in Syria. So the raid is part of attempts to convince the US and Russia of the danger Iran poses to Israel and regional security.
Israel is disappointed at the Russian and US positions vis-a-vis Iran’s presence in Syria. Tel Aviv has accused Washington of ignoring Tehran’s ambition to establish a Shiite crescent in the region. It seems Israel’s presence in Syria will increase so as to have a role in shaping its future.

Tel Aviv is disappointed at the Russian and US positions vis-a-vis Iran’s presence in Syria.

Diana Moukalled

Hezbollah’s expansion in Syria is closely monitored by Israel. When the Americans talk about the party’s presence in Syria, they do not take into account its role in protecting a regime that kills its own people, but rather Hezbollah’s deployment close to the Syrian-Israeli border.
Netanyahu knows Hezbollah will not move toward the border with Israel because this has been settled by Moscow. Israel’s border with Syria is more stable than its border with Lebanon. It strikes Syria whenever it wants, knowing there will be no consequences, but this is not possible with Lebanon. Alas, none of these factors take into consideration the future and wellbeing of innocent civilians. Nor do they offer a fair solution based on rights and justice.

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