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Saudi scholars place first in US cultural festival

RIYADH: The Saudi Club at Arkansas Tech University placed first among student clubs from eight other countries participating in the Festival of Cultures in the US.
The festival is organized annually by the university for student clubs from different countries, including the US, to introduce their countries and cultures.
Under the leadership of Fahd Al-Enezi, president, the Saudi pavilion highlighted the customs and traditions of the Saudi people.
However, the Japanese and Chinese clubs offered stiff competition to their Saudi counterparts, who divided its pavilion into several stations where the visitor traveled smoothly and was introduced to what is new.
“The definition of Saudi Arabia, its history and its international standing were the first gate for visitors,” local media reported.
Saudi Arabia was also introduced with its holy sites and historical overview, as well as the definition of the urban and scientific renaissance witnessed by the Kingdom, and its future plans for the advancement of the country to the ranks of developed nations.
Visitors proceeded to the second stop, which introduced visitors to Saudi hospitality and was equipped with an integrated Arabic session that reflects the nature of the Saudi councils. Arabic coffee was served to the visitors along with dates.
At the third station, two camps were equipped. One was for males, which introduced visitors to Saudi dress for men and to experience wearing the traditional gutrah and iqal, then taking souvenir pictures for them to keep.
The other camp was for women, which showed traditional dress and the Islamic veil, which delighted many of the visitors. To highlight the type of traditional decorations in the Kingdom’s community, the women’s wing presented a henna demonstration, which was much appreciated.
The students wrote the names of visitors in Arabic letters on glass cups to keep as souvenirs.

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