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Saudi Arabia

Human rights group condemns Qatar over ‘humiliation’ of pilgrim

Al-Marri is seen in the screenshot praising the Saudi generous services offered to Qatari pilgrims as he was being interviewed by Saudi Al-Ekhbariya TV.
RIYADH: The National Society for Human Rights in Saudi Arabia has condemned the “flagrant violation of the human rights, beating, degradation and humiliation” of Qatari citizen Hamad Abdul Hadi Al-Marri after he returned from Hajj, and said filming the assault and publishing the video were “crimes against human rights principles.”
The Society said it had followed the case of Hamad Al-Marri since the publication of the video and verified that the person was Al-Marri, who completed Hajj under the program of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and left Saudi Arabia safe and well.
He had entered the Kingdom through the Salwa border crossing, which was opened
exceptionally for Qatari pilgrims. “The representatives of the society tried to reach the victim Hamad Al-Marri to check on him, but this was impossible because of the closure of all means of communication with him, or the possibility of locating him,” it said.
“We call on the National Human Rights Committee of the State of Qatar and all international human rights organizations to do their duty to ensure the disclosure of the fate of this Qatari citizen; to protect him from the attacks and violations that have been committed against him; to ensure his safety, and that he is not being subjected to pressure imposed by certain political dictates because of his right to perform Hajj and his right to freedom of expression; and to ensure that all those who exploited their political power, abuse and torture are prosecuted.
“We also call on all institutions and institutions in Qatar to work hard to protect Hamad Al-Marri and prosecute those who assaulted him regardless of their positions; and to facilitate his return to
his home and his family and his right to travel and freedom of expression and the enjoyment of all natural guarantees and rights guaranteed by international treaties and human rights conventions.
“The society calls upon the government of Qatar to promptly declare its innocence of this crime, identify and punish the aggressors, and grant the victim Hamad Al-Marri all fair compensations and allow him unrestricted freedom of movement and travel.
The society said it had been established that the attack on Al-Marri was directly related to his appearance in the media, including the Saudi news channel from the holy sites, contrary to the official speech of his country's authorities, which denies the existence of Qatari pilgrims, and his appreciation for the services received by his fellow pilgrims and facilitating their affairs, which is contrary to the official speech of the State of Qatar.
“The National Society for Human Rights asserts that it will provide international human rights organizations with a list of Qataris who have come to Hajj to follow up on their situation and ensure their safety,” it said.
It also called on its Qatari counterpart, the National Human Rights Commission and all human rights associations, organizations and committees in the world to shoulder their legal and moral responsibilities.
The society said it had visited the Qatari pilgrims at their headquarters in the holy sites and confirmed their enjoyment of all their rights, which ensured the performance of their pilgrimage rituals with ease.

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