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Woman tells live radio phone-in she wants to kill her husband

The woman called the phone-in show on an Omani radio station (Shutterstock)
DUBAI: A woman has been arrested in Oman after calling a radio show and saying she would kill her husband, even if that meant facing the death sentence.
The 23-year-old made the call on Sept. 6, to a phone-in on revenge, explaining that she would cut her husband up and set his remains on fire, national newspaper The Times of Oman reported.
“Honestly, if I want to avenge, the first person I think I would retaliate against is my husband,” the woman told the Arabic radio show’s host, adding: “I will cut him with a knife and burn him. I will burn my husband and his car.”
She said she had never trusted her husband and said she did not mind if she was jailed for any such offenses.
“Even if they imprison me forever, or I am sentenced to death, it’s okay,” she defiantly told the host. “The most important thing for me is that I am mentally relaxed. Even my children will get better, and they will continue living.”
According to the newspaper she was allowed to speak for about a minute, before the host tried to reason with her.
“You spoke and expressed your feelings. You do not need to use these words. Do not go and do anything that can ruin your life and the future of your children, because you are the one who is thinking this way,” the host told her.
But instead she persisted and the host eventually cut into her rant, telling the woman in Arabic “that is enough.”
A recording of the call has since gone viral among Arabic audiences and the woman is now under investigation.
A Royal Oman Police spokesman said the woman had been arrested “for threatening to kill her husband on a private radio station.”
The source told the newspaper that threatening to murder was “felony charge” and that the woman has now been referred to the Public Prosecution.
The reported added that the woman was also being investigated for charges of attempted murder – a charge which carries a sentence of up to 10 years.
This is an audio recording of the woman's conversation in Arabic: