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French and British drivers make least amount of motoring claims

The French and British made the least amount of claims (Shutterstock)
DUBAI: If you have ever driven in the Middle East, you will be all too aware of the challenges, whether that is driving too slowly or too fast, failing to indicate when changing lanes or simply paying little or no regard to other motorists.
And if you have been driving in the region for at least a while, then it is possible you might have formed some opinions of who the best and worse drivers on the road are.
Now Dubai-based comparison site YallaCompare has created a list based on which nationalities have made the least amount of motor insurance claims.
UAE residents from France came up top, with 94.4 percent of its drivers having made claims in the last 12 months and British drivers came in a close second, with 93.4 percent having made no claims on their insurance policies.
Meanwhile the Australians and Americans were joint third in the list, with only 6.9 percent having made a claim.
The Lebanese were fifth with just 7.2 percent of drivers having made a claim in the UAE.
At the other end of the scale the nationalities that made the most amount of motor insurance claims saw Filipino drivers come top with 13.1 percent making a claim in the same time frame.
The Egyptians driving in the UAE came in second with 11.9 percent making claims, while the Sudanese with third with 11.1 percent having made claims.
However the research also revealed that motorists with vehicles worth 400,000 to 500,000 dirhams ($108,895 — $136,120) made the fewest claims (just 6.5 percent) – while those driving vehicles worth between 50,000 and 100,000 dirhams ($13,612 — $27,225) made the most with the figure almost doubling to 11.3 percent.
But perhaps the least surprising piece of information garnered from the data was that young motorists aged 25-29-years-old made the most claims of all drivers.