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Married couple’s furious row leads to British Airways midair incident

A British married couple were forced to sit in different parts of the British Airways plane until it arrived in London (Shutterstock)
DUBAI: Married couples are going to have their off days – it is part of being human – but it is always advisable if you are going to argue to choose your moment carefully.

Clearly this advice would have been wasted on one British couple on board a flight from Los Angeles to Heathrow, whose row got so heated that the cabin crew had to separate the pair midflight and arrange for armed police to meet them when they arrived in London.

The pair, who were said to be in their early thirties, were on a British Airways A380 when the row broke out.

Apparently their domestic got so heated that cabin crew were forced to separate the pair and make them sit in different sections of the aircraft until they arrived at their destination on Tuesday.

Witnesses told British national daily The Sun that they saw bruising around the woman’s face and neck.

The two were kept on the plane until all the other passengers had left and then police warned the two about their behavior.

“They began screaming at each other and things very quickly got out of hand. It was a blazing row,” a member of cabin crew was quoted as saying.

“It was terrifying for all other passengers and crew to endure this obscene behavior. They were very sheepish on arrival in the UK.”

A police spokesman confirmed there had been an incident on the aircraft and that the couple was spoken to by officers, but no arrests were made.