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VIDEO: Girl’s hair bursts into flames during birthday celebrations after being sprayed with silly string

Girl enjoys her birthday as loved ones stand by her (YouTube)
People next to her spray silly string on the girl (YouTube)
Suddenly the girl’s hair bursts in to a ball of flames (YouTube)
DUBAI: This is the terrifying moment a young girl’s birthday celebrations went horribly wrong as she turned into a human fireball.
As the girl, who is apparently celebrating her 11th birthday stands with loved ones she attempts to blow out the sparkler candles.
But after her family appears to sing a version of “Happy Birthday,” people shower her in silly string.
As she turns around it seems that some of the burning sparks from the candles set her hair on fire and her head suddenly becomes covered in flames.
People can be heard screaming as the girl runs, closely followed by a man who pats her hair down to put out the flames and the video stops.
The incident is thought to have happened in Argentina, but it is not known what – if any – injuries the girl suffered.