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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Public Prosecution receives intelligence files on suspected cell members

Terror suspects Ahmed Yaser al-Kaldi (left) and Ammar Ali Muhammad. (SPA photos)
JEDDAH: The Pubic Prosecution on Wednesday received intelligence files on suspected cell members who were arrested on Monday.
State security authorities will furnish the Public Prosecutor with all evidence and documents that were collected during the investigation of the cell members, sources told Arab News.
The list of the arrested included Saudi nationals and residents whose activities were monitored as they were working with foreign parties against the security of the Kingdom, its interests, moderate approach, capabilities, and social stability in order to stir up sedition and harm national unity.
The Public Prosecution will question the accused over this evidence in accordance with the criminal proceedings system, as they were found to have belonged to banned organizations and associated with foreign parties and countries working against the Kingdom’s stability.
The crimes of the cell members included incitement in a direct or indirect manner against the Kingdom and its symbols; continued participation in suspicious conferences, meetings and seminars; deceiving young men and luring them with money, sex and drugs to adopt their positions; and inciting youths to engage in hostile activities.
The crimes levelled against the accused also include their direct or indirect support of organizations targeting the Kingdom; communication and contribution to suspicious activities that are harmful to the security of the Kingdom. 

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