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‘Horror Tent’ draws thousands of visitors at 45th Summer Festival in Dammam

The ‘Horror Tent’ attracting thousands of visitors — old and young alike — at King Abdullah Park on Dammam’s waterfront. (SPA)
RIYADH: The “Horror Tent” at the 45th Summer Festival at King Abdullah Park on Dammam’s waterfront attracted thousands of visitors on the first day of the event.
Being held for the first time, the event created a new and different atmosphere for visitors who were thrilled with what they saw at each stage inside the tent.
The festival was inaugurated on Sunday night by Eastern Province Governor Prince Saud bin Naif. Deputy Governor Prince Ahmed bin Fahd bin Salman also attended the event.
Gripped with intense anticipation on what to expect, visitors, especially the children who grasped their parents’ hands, were “alert about everything around them.”
The “Horror of Tent” — with a length of 16 meters and width of 11 meters — is divided into different sections which include a prison, kitchen, bedroom, and a puppet theater.
“In each of these sections, there are elements of excitement and horror which drew the attention of the visitors, both young and old alike,” said Hamad Al-Suwaikh, supervisor of the tent.
He added: “So far, I can confirm that the ‘Horror of Tent’ at the festival is a huge success, and we’re encouraged to repeat it again in the future if and when we hold this festival again.”
He said that for the event, nine representatives, trained in the UAE, and based on what they learned, set up the tent and created the exciting atmosphere for visitors.
“The focus has been on the use of special decorations and distinctive lighting effects,” he said.
Inside the terror tent, visitors stay for four minutes, with five to seven children accommodated at one time.
Al-Suwaikh said that the event inside the “Horror Tent” depends on sound and optical effects to draw the attention of visitors between the ages of eight and 25, adding that there are several requirements to enter the tent.
He clarified that several safety requirements for visitors have been provided, adding that he’s expecting more visitors in the coming days.

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