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Oman’s Qasabi might not have been 127, but he still led an impressive life

Salim bin Hamad bin Abdullah Qasabi
Salim bin Hamad bin Abdullah Qasabi
DUBAI: The family of Salim bin Hamad bin Abdullah Qasabi — the man who reportedly lived until he was 127 — have spoken out, saying he was in fact not the oldest person in the world.
According to the Times of Oman he was a few years younger, but nonetheless, lived to an impressive age.
“Our grandfather was not 127,” Abdullah Al-Qasabi, the deceased’s grandson told the website.
Instead, he said his grandfather was actually 110 when he died.

Qasabi fathered nine children – he outlived six, who sadly died before him. He also had 34 grandchildren and 42 great-grandchildren.
And according to the Times of Oman, the age difference between him and his youngest great grandchild was 109 years and 10 months.

While the newspaper, the Oman Daily Observer incorrectly reported his age as 127, his actual age of 110 was still impressive and does place him among some of the oldest known people to have lived.
Qasabi’s father lived until he was 95, although this is unconfirmed as there was no birth certificate, the report added and the same was the case for himself.
However while there was no birth certificate recording Qasabi’s arrival, there was a Certificate of Appreciation Age, produced by the Omani government.

“During that time there was no such thing as a birth certificate, but we calculated his age based on the information we know of his father. The age difference between our grandfather Salim and his father is 16 years, which would make our father 110 at the time of his death.” Abdullah added.

Qasabi died after a fall, in which he broke his thigh, Abdullah was quoted as saying.
“When we sent him to the hospital it was discovered that he had to undergo an operation,” he added.
“After the tests, the results showed that he had many infections, including a chest infection, and they had to give him a breathing pipe. The hospital waited for him to get better, but his condition became unstable and he passed away on September 11.”

Abdullah explained that his grandfather was born in the turn of the last century in 1907.
“Throughout the years, my grandfather has always been a happy person, kind to people. He worked hard to provide for his family,” Abdullah, 38, added.

He said he believed his grandfather’s longevity was probably due to several factors. He said he was always asleep by 9 p.m. and would wake every morning Fajir prayers.
And he said his grandfather had dates and coffee every day.

“Walking and being active could also, be a factor,” Abdullah said. “He never liked using cars, he was very active and sociable, people enjoyed having his company.”