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Teenage Iraqi refugee praised for handing in bag containing thousands of dollars

The elderly woman only realized she had left the bag on leaving the train. (Shutterstock)
DUBAI: A teenaged Iraqi refugee has won the praise of Berlin police after handing in a bag containing $16,800 cash she found on the city’s U-Bahn (metro).
The bag had been left by mistake on the train by a 78-year-old woman on Friday evening, the BBC reported.
The woman immediately contacted train authorities on realizing her mistake, but the bag could not be found.
Luckily the bag had been found by a 16-year-old Iraqi student, who after telling her mother of the find handed the bag in two days later.
Now the teen has been praised by Berlin police for her honesty, who tweeted: “A student found a handbag with €14,000 and handed it over to police. The owner is happy. We say excellent and thank you.”
According to the BBC, the family, who live in a refugee center, could be rewarded for their honesty, because according to German law they will receive a percentage of the monetary value, which in this case equates to approximately $250.
There was no mention of whether the elderly woman who lost the bag would offer any form of gratuity for their help.