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US missile hits Daesh bomber on the ground, sends vehicle somersaulting into the air and then exploding

Now you see the Daesh car up in the air...
Now you don’t
DUBAI: This video captures the dramatic moment when the blast from a US missile striking a Daesh suicide bomber’s vehicle caused a second to be thrown in the air, before that too exploded, before it hit the ground.
The footage was captured by BBC Arabic reporter Feras Kilani who later posted the footage on his Twitter account and tweeted: “It appears to be the quickest way for a suicide car bomber to reach Heaven by exploding in the sky after US missile hit him near #kirkuk”
In a second tweet to one of his followers he then explained: “The missile hit the first car bomb which caused the explosion on the ground and push the second one up to the sky before it exploded as well.”
The tweet has already been “shared” and “liked” thousands of times. There is no information on who fired the missile, or how many casualties Daesh suffered in the blast.