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VIDEO: ‘Suicidal’ man pulled to safety from balcony by rescue workers

The man climbs down off the balcony as crowds watch below (YouTube)
The man embraces his rescuer before being lowered to the ground (YouTube)
DUBAI: This video has captured the moment a man who had threatened to kill himself was pulled to safety from an upper level balcony.
The rescue was carried out by civil defense officers in the Al Khuwair district of Muscat, Oman on Wednesday, the Times of Oman reported.
Members of the public can be seen on the street watching and cheering as the rescue worker reaches the man who is standing on the outside of a balcony.
As the man steps into the cradle, he appears to raise his fist triumphantly before hugging his rescuer. They then lower down to street level, where the crowds gather.
A statement from the Public Authority for Civil Defense and Ambulance read: “Rescue teams and Royal Oman Police in Muscat managed to thwart an individual’s attempt to commit suicide from the roof of a building in Al Khuwair.”
It is not clear what happened to the man once they reached the street below, there was no mention of whether he was handed over to police and arrested for his failed suicide attempt.