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Saudi Arabia

Google, Snapchat go green on Kingdom’s 87th National Day

Google Doodle marking the Saudi 87th National Day. (Video courtesy: screen grab)
JEDDAH: Global companies celebrated with Saudis on the Kingdom’s 87th National Day by going green.
Shades of green were strongly present in world-leading search engine Google’s Doodle, with a brief background on the Kingdom’s history and its rich culture.

“The 23rd of September is celebrated in Saudi Arabia as National Day, commemorating the country’s unification by King Abdul Aziz Al Saud in 1932,” the description reads. “Today’s Doodle showcases the Kingdom’s rich cultural heritage through the lens of national dress. The white ‘thobe’ and black ‘abaya’ symbolize everyday Saudi life. But venture out a bit further and you’ll find treasures and color galore.” Google concluded with warm wishes of a happy national day to all Saudis.
Meanwhile, the viral smartphone application “Snapchat” offered a wide range of national day filters for its Saudi-based users to express their joy and patriotism through these colorful frames.

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