87th Saudi National Day celebration takes center stage

A Saudi girl waves a national flag as she stands by her seat in a stadium, attending an event in the capital Riyadh on Saturday commemorating the anniversary of the founding of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. (AFP)
Updated 23 September 2017

87th Saudi National Day celebration takes center stage

RIYADH: The 87th National Day celebrations in the Kingdom took center stage on Saturday with an atmosphere pervaded by euphoric excitement engendered by the various activities lined up to mark the annual historic event.
“The National Day is a precious occasion in which the sons of this country remember the historical saga that was made by the Kingdom’s founder King Abdul Aziz,” Minister of Culture and Information Awwad bin Saleh Al-Awwad said.
Al-Awwad said that “the noble sons of King Abdul Aziz followed him with a wise vision and a sound approach toward the foundations of a strong civilized state that united under the banner of eternal unification.”
Minister of Communications and Information Technology Abdullah Al-Sawah congratulated the people, the king and crown prince on the occasion of the 87th National Day.
Al-Sawah also lauded the Kingdom’s wise leadership for the successful march and rapid development being witnessed by Saudi Arabia at all levels.
He also expressed gratitude and appreciation for the Kingdom’s ongoing development and growth under the visionary leadership that paid special attention to the telecommunications and information technology sector in the country.
In keeping with the occasion, the Saudi capital is decked out in green — the color of the national flag — as an indication of patriotic enthusiasm, while the Kingdom is celebrating the National Day with traditional gaiety and patriotic fervor.
The early hours of Sept. 23 witnessed the birth of the first child at the King Saud Medical City on this auspicious day, which was announced by the hospital on its Twitter account.
The hospital held a celebration after the preparation of one medical room with national words, green shawls and clips containing the words “Homeland in our hearts.”
Festivities showed people — both young and old — dancing in the streets or in programs held in various venues such as hotels, auditoriums and convention centers in celebration of the historic event.
Television channels showed programs which featured young Saudi girls deftly and gracefully dancing in their white dresses with belts in green which symbolized the Kingdom’s color.
Many Saudi nationals were also seen driving cars painted in the national color to celebrate the 87th National Day. Boys were seen enthusiastically distributing national flags and sweets to motorists waiting for traffic signals to turn green on the Kingdom’s various roads.
There were also green lights in underpasses and on bridges, as well as banners and posters with congratulatory remarks and photos of the king and crown prince.
With the Saudi people in a celebratory mode, King Fahd and Khurais roads experienced traffic snarls, with cars moving at a snail’s pace on Friday night. Heavy traffic was also expected Saturday night, as in the past, when the citizens of the city go out to drive the Saudi capital’s main thoroughfares in a celebratory mode.
The Saudi nationals’ patriotic zeal and enthusiasm also rubbed off on expatriate workers, who were also excited and joined local counterparts in their celebration.

More than 1.25 million foreigners arrested in KSA for flouting residential, labor laws

In this file photo, expatriate workers are seen outside a Labor Ministry office in Riyadh to fix their status in the Kingdom. In the past seven months, Saudi authorities have arrested more than 1.25 foreigners for violating residential and labor laws. (AFP)
Updated 19 June 2018

More than 1.25 million foreigners arrested in KSA for flouting residential, labor laws

  • Of the total arrested, 931,069 were violators of residential regulations,  218,897 for flouting labor laws and 102,000 tried to gain entry into the Kingdom illegally.
  • The crackdown started on November 16 last year and ended on June 14.

JEDDAH: More than 1.25 million people were arrested in Saudi Arabia for violating residential, labor and border security regulations during the Kingdom’s months-long campaign.

The crackdown, which started on November 16 last year and ended on June 14, saw the arrests of 1,251,966 people in the joint security field campaign across the Kingdom. Those arrested included 931,069 violators of residential regulations, 218,897 for flouting labor laws and 102,000 violators of border security regulations.

The total number of people arrested attempting to cross the Kingdom’s borders stood at 19,233 people. Of those arrested, 54 percent were Yemenis, 43 percent Ethiopian, and 3 percent from other nations. 

The Kingdom also arrested 790 people who tried to leave the Kingdom illegally.

There were 2,167 people who were arrested for harboring and transporting violators of labor and security border regulations, and 415 citizens were arrested for transporting and sheltering expatriates violating regulations. Regulatory measures were taken against 388 citizens who were subsequently released. 

The number of expatriates currently detained stands at 10,245, including 8,817 men and 1,428 women. Immediate penalties were imposed on 221,404 violators while 177,329 violators were referred to their respective diplomatic missions for travel documents and 327,034 were deported.