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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Education Ministry to activate culture of dialogue, communication

RIYADH: Deputy Minister of Education Abdulrahman Al-Asimi has directed the education administrations in all regions and provinces to activate the ministry’s project that focuses on dialogue and communication.
The project seeks to promote a culture of dialogue in the educational community and furnish male and female students with the required skills for effective dialogue and communication.
The project aims to deepen pride in religion; loyalty to the king and homeland; spread a culture of dialogue and communication skills; enhance the ethics of dialogue among community members; respect ideas and opinions of others; and renounce intolerance and imposition of opposing opinions.
The project also intends to immunize school community members from negative ideas, and furnish students with the required skills of effective dialogue and communication. The project targets all educational workers, general education students and community members.
Functions of the project should boost Islamic principles, values and focus on trends that enhance the values of citizenship. The project should review all printed and audio-visual items to ensure that they are free of any content running counter to religion, the homeland and education policy.
The project should also make sure that the functions address diversity, attraction and creativity, and should be a stimulus for participation of the gifted, persons of special needs and community members.

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