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Saudi crown prince donates SR16m to charities in Qassim

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
JEDDAH: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has donated SR16 million ($4.27 million) from his own account to charities in the Qassim region.
This comes to complement the support provided to charities within the Prince Mohammed crown prince’s project for supporting charities in all regions of the Kingdom.
Charitable support was initiated in the Qassim region through discussions with 12 charities to identify programs offered to different segments of society and to determine the amount of support for each in proportion to the number of beneficiaries.
The total number of beneficiaries in the Qassim region reached 7,296 male and females. It included five categories: Orphans, cancer patients, young men and women who are looking to get married, family development and persons with special needs.
Charitable support from the crown prince under the project, began in the Riyadh region with SR23 million. It met the requirements of 11,680 beneficiaries through 14 charities.
The second stage of the charitable support was in the Makkah region with a donation of SR15 from Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and included 14,914 beneficiaries through 10 charities.
The Eastern Province also received charitable support amounting to SR16 million. It met the needs of more than 41,000 beneficiaries through 10 charities.

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