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Nissan upgrades its X-Trail SUV with ProPilot

It is hoped the latest Nissan X-Trail reinforces its position as a car for family adventures.
LONDON: The Nissan X-Trail, one of the world’s best-selling SUVs, is now available with a range of upgrades aimed at enhancing its quality and refinement.
The changes include a redesign of the exterior, a new interior packed with new features, additional practicality for owners and innovative new technologies to make life on the road safer.
For drivers seeking new levels of flexibility and greater freedom when they want it, the new Nissan X-Trail will be available with ProPilot autonomous drive technology.
The new additions to X-Trail are based on consumer insight and customer feedback, and it is hoped they reinforce the X-Trail’s position as a great car for family adventures.
Philippe Saillard, Nissan Europe’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, commented: “Demand for crossovers is growing all the time, and for the Nissan X-Trail to be the number one for global sales is a huge honor. With these enhancements, the new X-Trail is delivering more of what our customers want.”

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