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Saudi Education, Transport Ministries sign accord on traffic safety at girls’ schools, universities

The Ministry of Transport to promote awareness on traffic safety at girls’ schools and in universities. (SPA)
RIYADH: Minister of Education Ahmed Al-Issa said an agreement had recently been signed with the Ministry of Transport to promote awareness on traffic safety at girls’ schools and in universities.
Al-Issa also said that the universities will be able to provide parking spaces for their female staff students and that the Education Ministry has adequate positions for female employees.
“I salute teachers for their efforts,” Al-Issa said after the ministry’s celebration of International Teachers Day celebration on Thursday.
He added that the Center for Teachers’ Services is one of the initiatives of the ministry to provide facilities to teachers at all levels and to communicate with those who support the teacher.
He pointed out that the ministry is interested in the professional development of teachers to raise their efficiency and teaching abilities as they are the real interpreter of the curriculum and all instructions related to it.
The ministry seeks to develop an electronic environment in education and that the activity time added this year has left a large area for teachers and school administrators to carry out activities and search for suitable programs for students, Al-Issa added.
He stressed that the material incentives available in the salaries of teachers are good in general, adding that the ministry has been keen to defend the rights of teachers on all occasions through various committees.
He explained that the optional medical insurance launched by the Education Ministry recently is a good opportunity for those looking for medical services as it’s linked to government agencies.
This means that obtaining funds for medical insurance for teachers cannot be achieved at present, pointing out that one of the tasks of the Center for Teachers Services is to search for the possibility of establishing clubs for teachers.

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