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Saudi Arabia

Samir Ghanim’s theater opening in Riyadh and Jeddah delayed

Egyptian comedian and entertainer Samir Ghanem. (Photo courtesy: social media)
JEDDAH: Egyptian comedian and entertainer Samir Ghanem denied allegations published by Sayidaty magazine regarding the cancelation of his play “Siboni Aghanni” (Let me Sing) in Saudi Arabia, and confirmed that the show was just “delayed” until the end of October, instead of the beginning, for technical reasons.

He added that the play will be shown for eight days in Saudi Arabia: Four days in Riyadh and four in Jeddah, before moving to Kuwait and the UAE. This tour comes before presenting the play in Egypt.

The play is a musical comedy about the judges of a talent show. Many stars take part in this play, including Samir Ghanem, Tal’at Zakarya, Sha’ban Abdul Rahim, and others. It is directed by Abdul Ghani Zaki.

The last play for Samir Ghanem was “Tralam lam,” 2006, which lasted for five consecutive seasons.

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