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Nearly half of UAE workers say their jobs are boring: study

DUBAI: Do you find your work lacks inspiration and that you often find that you are bored? According to a recent survey carried out in the UAE you are not alone.
The survey carried out by recruitment firm Robert Half UAE revealed that many people are experiencing up to five hours of boredom every week because of dull and monotonous daily tasks.
The research revealed that 47 percent of managers believed their work was not interesting enough, while 36 percent of staff said they did not feel challenged.
And management failures to inspire the workforce with interesting and varied tasks, as well as new challenges were blamed for workers spending 13 percent of their time feeling bored.
“To ensure employees perform to the best of their ability and remain interested in their jobs, employers need to introduce greater variety by giving workers the opportunity to develop new skills or take on additional responsibilities,” said Robert Half UAE Associate Director Gareth El-Mettouri.
“It’s important to remember employees who are more interested in their jobs are likely to make a greater contribution to the organization and contribute to its long-term success.”
Other revealing findings of the study included the 34 percent of workers who felt there were too many unnecessary meetings and the quarter of staff who said they do not enjoy interacting with their colleagues.
Meanwhile overbearing policies and procedures made one-in-seven of those polled feel restricted.
Other concerns included 30 percent saying their role lacked diversity and a quarter felt there was not enough for them to do.
El-Mettouri said: “Without raising your hand, you might be limiting your career progression… As one spends approximately a third of their life at work, they should aim to find a purposeful role where they can add value and find fulfillment.”