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Saudi Shoura Council passes bill ensuring care for the elderly

The Shoura Council passed a bill that would penalize those who harm the elderly. (SPA)
RIYADH: “Warning, jail time and fines” are the terms included in new legislation passed on Tuesday by the Shoura Council in its meeting.
The new legislation concerns the rights of older persons and caring for them.
The Shoura Council passed a bill that would penalize those who harm the elderly, starting with a written warning from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, and ending with up with three years of imprisonment.
The bill, which consists of 21 articles, aims to improve the status and well-being of older persons, ensure their safety, protect their rights and make sure they are being cared for by their families and communities.
According to the bill, older persons have the right to live with their families, who must protect them, care for them, ensure their needs are met, and guarantee their physical, psychological and social welfare.
The Ministry of Labor and Social Development is responsible for older persons who have no families, through taking care of them in nursing homes. Nonetheless, the bill emphasizes that older persons should not be admitted to nursing homes — nor remain in any — without their consent or the host’s consent, or the adjudication of a court of competent jurisdiction.

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