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Saudi labor minister stresses Kingdom’s pursuit in raising awareness against drugs

Ali bin Nasser Al-Ghafis
RIYADH: The Minister of Labor and Social Development and member of the National Committee for Drug Control, Ali bin Nasser Al-Ghafis, stressed the need to concert efforts to face and eradicate the scourge of drugs and the need to cooperate with the relevant sectors and authorities to raise awareness about the dangers of drugs on individuals and society.
The educational forum for the prevention of drug abuse in the work environment was held on Thursday under the auspices of Al-Ghafis at the ministry in Riyadh.
During the forum, Al-Ghafis said: “The ministry is supporting the efforts of relevant authorities fighting drugs by providing all possible means that help raise awareness about drug dangers.”
The secretary-general of the National Committee of Narcotics Control (NCNC), deputy director general of the General Directorate for Drug Control, and chairman of the National Committee for Combating Drugs (Nebras), Abdul Ilah Al-Sharif, indicated that governmental institutions, especially the security bodies, are doing their best to protect the youth from malicious and ill-intentioned people who work day and night against this country.
Al-Sharif added: “This forum falls into the framework of the social role of the ministry in cooperation with Nebras, and is a part of our national duty to protect the Kingdom and the youth from all dangers.”
“The government has established centers and hospitals to help the drug addicts and abusers completely recover, so they can become effective members of society,” he added.
The forum public watched a video featuring the government’s efforts in fighting drugs, and another one on Nebras’ efforts.

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