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WATCH: Sickening moment woman is pushed onto train tracks

The woman can be seen walking along the platform, her attacker behind her (YouTube)
The man walks up and pushes the woman (YouTube)
She is sent falling face-first onto the tracks below (YouTube)
DUBAI: This short video clip captures the sickening moment a man in Hong Kong walks up behind a woman on a train station platform and pushes her onto the track before casually walking away.

The woman can be seen walking along the platform, before stopping and standing as she waited for the train. But unbeknown to her a man is walking behind her and when she stops, he walks up, pushes her – sending her crashing down onto the tracks below – in what appears to have been a completely motiveless attack according to the South China Morning Post.

As the man walks away, the woman can be seen lying on the tracks in clear discomfort. Luckily there were no trains approaching and she was taken to hospital having suffered injuries to her jaw, the report added.

Police arrested a 56-year-old man on suspicion of assault.