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VIDEO: Yes, that is 245 people jumping off a bridge together

245 people jump off a bridge in unison (YouTube)
DUBAI: No your eyes are not deceiving you, that really is 245 people all jumping off a bridge at the same time. But fear not, they were all taking part in a world record attempt.
The thrill seekers in Brazil have broken the unofficial world record for the most participants to take part in a joint bungee jump – the number previously stood (or fell) at 149.
They carried out their death-defying stunt on Sunday, in Hortolandia, near Sao Paulo.
In the video the participants can be seen harnessed to the bridge – and apparently each other as they all leap off the bridge at the same time.
They then swing a number of times, creating an illusion of some kind of wave, before gradually coming to a halt.
Organizers say they used 20 kilometers of rope and 1,000 harnesses, the news organization Her Telden reported.
The last time this record was set was in April, 2016, when 149 people leapt off a bridge in Tver, Russia, in July 2012.