Arab star Elissa creates history at Olympia Paris

Updated 04 November 2017

Arab star Elissa creates history at Olympia Paris

JEDDAH: Lebanese star Elissa played at the magnificent Olympia theater in Paris on Friday, becoming just the sixth Arab singer to perform on the historical stage after Umm Kulthum, Abdel Halim Hafez, Ahlam, Najwa Karam and Hakim.
“Thank u #Olympia #paris #ELISSA what a night,” she wrote on social media. “One of my best concert(s) ever i m overwhelmed #olympia.”
Elissa performed several tracks from her latest album “Saharna Ya Lail,” as well as some of her biggest hits from the past, to a houseful of Arab music lovers in Paris.
The 45-year-old singer also celebrated her birthday on stage by cutting a cake, with the audience humming “Happy Birthday.”
Elissa wore a white flowing dress for the night, with some on social media comparing the singer to Egyptian-Italian singer and actress Dalida, who is remembered for the iconic white dresses she wore during her performances at Olympia.
On Saturday, as Lebanese leader Saad Al-Hariri announced his resignation as prime minister, Elissa tweeted prayers for her homeland.
“Coming back to a country whose instability is killing me. Pray for #Lebanon this is the only thing we can really do,” she wrote.

England wins World Cup match, fan mounts car, falls off – well why wouldn’t he?

Updated 19 June 2018

England wins World Cup match, fan mounts car, falls off – well why wouldn’t he?

  • If you're a football fan and your team wins, you're going to celebrate
  • But we suggest that you don't do this - you might get hurt, and/or arrested

CAIRO: Goal celebrations are always a sight to behold, both on, and off the pitch – special cheers, chants and dances – every team has something they can claim as their own – but of course someone, somewhere will always go that bit too far.

When England met Tunisia on Monday evening, jubilant fans took to the streets of the British seaside city of Plymouth to celebrate after Harry Kane sealed the 2-1 win in stoppage time.

Nothing wrong with that – obviously. And as UK newspaper The Metro noted, the celebrations were  “like we had just won the World Cup.” 

But among the football fans seen taking over Union Street in Plymouth was one overexcited man who decided to ride on top of a moving car as part of his celebration. 

The man can be seen in footage climbing on top of a car, which then speeds up before braking suddenly, sending the large man tumbling onto the road.

But fear not – the footage then goes onto show him getting up and rejoining the crowds, like nothing had happened.

Maybe next time it will be easier if he just cheers. 

Now watch the video, just promise not to try this yourself