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Bupa Arabia’s Tebtom program eyes health care of over 2m members

The Bupa Doctor service allows its members to communicate 24/7 with Bupa’s doctors.
Tebtom, one of Bupa Arabia’s most innovative programs, provides quality health care services and guidance to its members.
Ghaith Al-Johani, head of marketing operations at Bupa Arabia, said: “The Tebtom program offers many health care services such as Bupa Doctor, Maternity & Child Care and Chronic Care, among others, to support members whenever and wherever needed. These services were created to cater to members’ health care needs and lifestyles, keeping our promise to be the health care partner of choice by providing the most valuable services.”
The Bupa Doctor service allows its members to communicate 24/7 with Bupa’s doctors who answer various health questions and provide the necessary guidance. Similarly, Maternity & Child Care offers services such as home-based vaccinations for babies under the age of 2.
Bupa said the service saves time and effort. “It also creates an unparalleled health care service for the mother and her baby during the nine months of pregnancy and following birth,” the company said.
Moreover, the Chronic Care service relieves members with long-term conditions and provides services to help them manage their case(s) and minimize the effects. The periodic checkups include routine medical tests at home or work as well as medication refills and deliveries based on the member’s schedule.
“Tebtom program is pleased to serve its members 24/7 and all week long. Members can call the available number (800 440 4040) or visit Tebtom’s online platform ( to redeem their services easily and conveniently. We are thrilled with our success over the past three years by serving more than 2 million members as we provide help and support during tough times,” Al-Johani added.

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