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Kate Hudson believes aliens built pyramids

Kate Hudson
JEDDAH: Did aliens built Egypt’s pyramids? Actress Kate Hudson seems to think so.
Following the announcement of the discovery of a passenger plane-sized chamber in the Great Pyramid, Hudson posted news of the discovery on Instagram, writing: “Yup! They’re coming.......BACK! #PrettyFunBookTour #GonnaThrowAPartyForTheAliens”
The pyramids of Giza are said to be aligned with the most powerful stars in the night sky, and experts say the techniques required to build them were not developed until centuries after they were built. This had led alien theorists to believe that extraterrestrials had a hand in their creation.
Hudson’s light-hearted comment, which she linked to her book tour, led some Egyptian fans to invite her to their country.
“Visit Egypt, you have lots of fans,” said @nahla_darwish.
“u gotta come for a visit sometime just like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, we had the pleasure (of) having them in Cairo,” wrote @mk_mohamedkarim.
Others criticized the 38-year-old actress for linking the pyramids with aliens.
@twgrandstaff wrote: “This discovery has nothing to do with an update on aliens. That chamber has been there since the pyramid was complete, they just discovered it with new technology.”
Scientists with the ScanPyramids project revealed on Thursday that the void discovered with subatomic particle scans was the first major structure found inside the pyramid since the 19th century.
It is thought to be at least 30 meters long and located above the “Grand Gallery” — a sloped corridor almost 50 meters long and nine meters high which links Khufu’s burial chamber at the pyramid’s center to a tunnel leading outside.
The pharaohs of ancient Egypt built these monumental tombs for themselves, complete with sarcophagus to hold their embalmed mummies, and stocked with everything they would require for the afterlife, including food, clothing and jewelry.