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GE Power partners with NOMAC to enhance performance at 26 facilities

GE Power recently signed a deal with the First National Operations and Maintenance Company (NOMAC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Arabia’s ACWA Power. The agreement seeks to implement GE’s APM solution, powered by Predix at 26 thermal, wind and solar power generation and water desalination sites.
The facilities are located across Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, Morocco, Jordan, Turkey, South Africa, Bulgaria and Vietnam.
Together, they generate more than 22,000 megawatts (MW) of electricity and over 2.5 million cubic meters of water per day. NOMAC provides operations and maintenance services at these facilities and APM will help them reduce unscheduled downtime and maintenance duration, as well as to increase operational efficiency and reliability at the plants.
The agreement was signed by Julio Torre Gutierrez, president and CEO of NOMAC, and Bhanu Shekhar, chief digital officer of GE Power in the Middle East and Africa, in the presence of other senior executives from both companies at GE Digital’s 6th Annual Minds+Machines Conference held in San Francisco on Oct. 25 and 26.
Gutierrez of NOMAC said: “With our growing geographic footprint, it is vital that our technological capabilities match our expanded reach. GE’s APM solution is an excellent fit for our requirements, enabling us to serve our customers and the communities they power better by enhancing the availability of uninterrupted, reliable and more affordable electricity.”
APM will help NOMAC to collect, analyze and visualize the data that is crucial to asset health at its monitoring centers in Dubai and Jeddah and prioritize work by understanding the true status of an asset, as well as determining which assets are most critical to the overall health of operations. It will enable NOMAC to predict equipment and process issues with greater accuracy before they occur and assure the mechanical integrity of assets.
GE’s APM solution is powered by Predix, which is GE’s application development platform for the Industrial Internet.
Shekhar of GE said: “GE’s agreement with NOMAC underscores both the significant focus on driving better efficiency and reliability across the power generation industry, as well as the tangible cost benefits that digital technologies bring to the sector globally.
By embracing the digital transformation today, leaders such as NOMAC are enabling the future success and competitiveness of their organizations.”

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