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Saudi Arabia

Thousands sign up for transport program geared to aid Saudi working women

RIYADH: Some 3,172 Saudi women have signed up for the “Wusool” program to support the transportation of working women during the first three weeks of its launch, Khalid Abu Al-Khail, official spokesman of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development and the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) announced.

He pointed out that the program aims to support Saudi women working in the private sector.

Abu Al-Khail explained that the women’s transportation program “Wusool” is a solution to address the challenges of transfers to and from the workplace by providing secure and high-quality transport services.

“The program requires that the women employee must be registered under the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI). The program will cover most areas of the Kingdom,” he said.

Abu Al-Khalil invited Saudi women working in the private sector to register for the “Wusool” program via its portal through the link, and to learn about the program and its conditions.

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