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Saudi Arabia

Rescue teams pull child’s body from septic tank in Jeddah

(Civil Defense)
(Civil Defense)
JEDDAH: A child’s body has been pulled from a septic tank in the early hours of Friday morning after the four-year-old boy was reported missing in the Makkah region, a civil defense spokesman has confirmed.

The boy’s body was found by members of the National Center for Joint Security Operations (NCSO), Jeddah's Civil Defense spokesman Col. Saeed Sarhan said.

“Rescue teams in Jeddah rushed to the location and began working on pulling the child out of the septic tank, which is two meters deep and filled with one meter of water, adjacent to a fenced courtyard,” he added,

“Rescue teams jumped into the septic tank through its nozzle.”

The child’s family had reported him missing on Wednesday.

The boy was pronounced dead by members of the Red Crescent, before being transferred to a hospital.

There have been similar deaths in Jeddah in recent years, including a man who died as he tried to pull his child – who also died – out of a sewer on Tahlia Street.

Other fatalities have included a teenager who fell in a storm drain, an Egyptian child who died in a sewer nozzle, a Yemeni child who fell in a storm drain on his way home from school, and a girl who slipped into a sewer.

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