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Tamer Hosny’s US tour hits Vegas

Tamer Hosny
LAS VEGAS: Egyptian singer and actor Tamer Hosny’s American tour is breaking records for an Arab artist outside the Middle East, according to online news portal Bitajarod.
Hosny performed at Paris Las Vegas Hotel on Saturday — the fourth stop on his tour — where his audience consisted of both Arab and non-Arab fans, in numbers that Sabq claimed “exceeded all expectations” and constituted “the largest Arab and foreign audience in the state’s history.” Bitajarod provided no source for that claim, although it did mention that there are not many Arabic-language concerts in Las Vegas.
Hosny has been dubbed “Egypt’s answer to Justin Timberlake.” He rose to fame with the success of his debut album, 2006’s “Hob,” and has since become one of the most successful pop stars in the Arab world.
He has also made some impact on pop culture outside of the Middle East, collaborating with US rapper Snoop Dogg on 2013’s “Si L Sayed” and with Senegalese star Akon on “Welcome to the Life.”
Hosny’s US tour concludes with dates in Houston on Nov. 17 and Orlando on Nov. 18.