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Saudi Shoura approves study to add law to punish daredevils in extreme weather conditions

RIYADH: The Shoura Council on Tuesday approved a proposed study to add a new article to the Civil Defense Law to punish daredevils in extreme weather conditions.

The proposed article will hold any person involved in actions that threaten their life, money, companions, or a third party accountable, and will have them punished according to the provisions of the Civil Defense Law.

Civil Defense personnel, volunteers and people in similar positions will be excluded.

In its report, the Security Committee explained that the proposed article aims to protect people’s lives by imposing penalties in the absence of a law that punishes daredevils who risk their lives and the lives of others.

The committee also explained that the Civil Defense Law lacks an article that punishes reckless daredevil who risk their lives and the lives of others during extreme weather events.

The Shoura Council’s decision was made during its 65th ordinary session.

Proposing this article was a necessity due to what has been witnessed and reported by the media, especially social media, about daredevil adventures that usually end badly, in addition to society’s growing resentment of this phenomenon.

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