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Saudi Arabia

Mammoth remains found in Nafud Desert

Some of the newly discovered samples are more than 500,000 years old. (Courtesy: SGS)
JEDDAH: The Saudi Geological Survey (SGS) discovered the remnants of tusks, ribs, and forearms of a small mammoth in the Nafud Desert, east of the town of Tayma, noting that the discovered parts represent 84 percent of the mammoth.

The official spokesman of the SGS, Tareq Aba Al-Kheil, said that this exploratory field study started in late 2014, and it has discovered 303 samples, including many mammals, stressing that the department of fossils at the SGS will continue its exploratory work. Some of the newly discovered samples, he said, are more than 500,000 years old.

Dr. Iad Zalmut, expert at the department of fossils, said that the SGS received Professor Daniel Fisher, who, according to Ein Al-Youm website, gave a lecture about using the tusks of elephants and mammoths to understand the life of elephants from birth to death, as well as their behavior. This method, he said, involves a precise anatomy of the tusk.

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