Italian Cuisine Week to provide Jeddawies with the real Italian taste

Elisabetta Martini, the consul general of Italy in Jeddah with partners and sponsors of the Italian cuisine week
Updated 21 November 2017

Italian Cuisine Week to provide Jeddawies with the real Italian taste

JEDDAH: A press conference was held on November 20 in Jeddah at the Italian Cultural Club to reveal details of Italian Cuisine Week which will run from November 22-27.

Elisabetta Martini, the consul general of Italy in Jeddah, invited the main sponsors to tell the media about this five-day event.

The sponsors including restaurants, hotels representatives, and distributors introduced their plans for the week where each sponsor will be organizing an Italian event in a different location.

This is the second edition of the Italian cuisine week as the first one was in 2016. The Italian government wanted to help Italian restaurants with Italian chefs who are the best ambassadors of Italian culture all over the world in promoting Italian food.

Seetaff, PIATTO restaurant. Assila Hotel, Shurbatlu Fruits, Ferrero, Park Hayat Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Luacker, the University of Business and Technology are partners and sponsors.

Martini said: “Our aim of this event is not only to promote our own products and restaurants, but also to help local realities and universities to develop the know how to do better in supporting Vision 2030.”

She added: “Diplomacy is not only parties and visas, but also in economic development.”

There are many Italian restaurants operating here in the Kingdom, but according to Martini, it is important to differentiate between the authentic ones which have Italian chefs and use Italian ingredients, and those that just have Italian names.

Last year the Italian Culture Club hosted special guest Chef Marco Martini from Rome. Chef Marco is owner of The Corner restaurant, and in 2013 was named the best emerging chef in Italy.

This year, Chef Eleonora Galasso, an Italian food interpreter and a well-known social media figure in Italy, will be the special guest. She will appear on a cooking show and participate in the week’s activities.

The events available for the public are as follows:
November 21 1:00 p.m.: Ribbon cutting for PIATTO’s new menu
November 22 1:30 p.m.: Ribbon cutting for Lallo’s Italian Restaurant’s new menu.
7:00 p.m.: Safina Hilton will celebrate Italian Cuisine Week.
November 23 1:30 p.m.: Chef Gallasso will be at Tartufo and for the public to enjoy tasting the menu.
7:00 p.m.: A ribbon cutting for new Italian products to be provided at Manuel Supermarket
Also at the same day a work shop by the Chef Gallaso and Saudi Chef Basma Al-Kareji, the work shop is under the title “Women and gastronomy between East and West,” at the Social Kitchen.
November 24 1:00 p.m.: Park Hayat Hotel

Spain’s Provacuno aims to beef up Saudi market

Updated 14 November 2018

Spain’s Provacuno aims to beef up Saudi market

Abdulaziz Alaquil Jeddah: Provacuno, the inter-professional organization of the Spanish beef industry, is currently on a promotional tour across the Kingdom showcasing the benefits of their high-quality and environmentally-friendly beef production. A non-profit organization officially recognized by the Spanish government, Provacuno represents 85 percent of the Spanish beef industry.
Established in 1997, Provacuno comprises national associations representing and protecting the interests of companies involved in the production, industrial, and commercial sectors of the Spanish beef industry. Their annual meat production exceeds 650,000 tons, and they have over 110,000 farms, with industry exports amounting to 175,000 tons annually.
For the past 20 years, they have officially been recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, as an agro-food inter-professional organization.
Along with defending the interests of the Spanish beef industry, from production, through processing, and trading, Provacuno aims to support the internationalization process of beef companies into export markets such as Saudi Arabia. Their promotion of responsible beef consumption through research and development programs is done with the goal of enhancing the beef industry’s image through their sustainable and environmentally-friendly production processes that are in strict compliance with the European Production Model, which adheres to the most stringent of standards regarding animal welfare, hygiene control, and environmental protection. While at the same time, they are able to cater to international market demands, such as being 100 percent halal-certified for Saudi markets.
Representatives of Provacuno are currently in the Kingdom promoting their marketing campaign “What a Wonderful European Beef,” which will conclude at the Foodex Saudi 2018 in Jeddah on Thursday. During this campaign trail, they organized a presentation on Spanish beef at the residence of Ambassador of Spain to Saudi Arabia Don Alvaro Iranzo in Riyadh.
The event was attended by over 50 Saudi import and distribution agents, who sampled Provacuno’s beef prepared by Spanish Chef Fernando Del Cerro.
Provacuno considers Saudi Arabia a key target market as it is one of the largest meat-consuming nations in the world reliant on quality meat imports. In 2017, the Kingdom produced 60,000 tons of meat while consuming over 220,000 tons. Recently, Brazil (39 percent) overtook India (26 percent) as the main exporter of beef to the Kingdom.
Along with meeting with industry executives in Riyadh, Provacuno also hosted a cooking workshop at the King Abdul Aziz University (KAU) in Jeddah.