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Saudi tweet lands famous Egyptian actor offers to act in Europe

Screenshot of a Twitter exchange between Mohammed Henedy and an account for Sweden.
JEDDAH: Screenshots of a funny conversation on Twitter have gone viral on social media in the past 48 hours.
A tweet by a Saudi citizen that included inaccurate information unexpectedly flamed debate between him and three countries. But the debate ended in a rather unexpected way.
It started with a tweet by Nawaf Al-Osaimi that said: “Sweden is the only country in the world that does not have any surveillance cameras in public places due to the lack of crimes,” which made the official Twitter account for Sweden correct his information saying that surveillance cameras are found everywhere in Sweden.
It did not stop there. Al-Osaimi suggested another country, Norway. But Norway’s official Twitter account told him to “give it another try.”
Al-Osaimi did not give up and answered “OK, it is Japan!” but Japan told him he was wrong.
At that moment, Egyptian comedian Mohammed Henedy intervened when he replied: “You may say it is Egypt and we won’t refute you.”
Al-Osaimi later tweeted: “Now I know how the Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir feels, it is hard to confront other states.”
Henedy, a popular comedian in the Arab world, then received unexpected offers to act in Norway, Sweden, and Japan too.
Norway: “Since you’re here, what do you think, Henedy, of acting in a movie on the Rock of the Preacher and call it ‘The Great Wall of Norway’? Tom Cruise was here two weeks ago.”
Sweden suggested another set, the largest waterfall in Sweden in Tännforsens, and Japan asked Henedy to come to Kyoto, the old capital of Japan.
Al-Osaimi asked Henedy to take him to the shooting saying that he can act very well.
Retweets of the story are still going on. Al-Osaimi now has thousands of new followers and he is getting free offers from different stores too.