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Syrian opposition leader expects positive results

Anas Al-Abdah
RIYADH: A three-day conference of Syrian opposition leaders in Riyadh will yield positive results, Anas Al-Abdah, president of the Syrian National Coalition, said Wednesday just before it began.
Riyadh is hosting the conference in an effort to unify Syrian opposition ranks ahead of the resumption of direct negotiations in Geneva under UN supervision.
Al-Abdah said representatives from 35 countries are attending the Riyadh meeting, telling Arab News: “It’s a good opportunity for our voice to be heard at regional and international levels.”
He added that the first session will be addressed by Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir, followed by the UN special envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura.
The delegates will discuss the formation of a unified negotiating team, a just political solution to the Syrian conflict, and post-war reconstruction, Al-Abdah said.
The next few weeks could witness developments in the US stance on the issue, he added. The Kingdom believes President Bashar Assad should have no role in Syria’s future.

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