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Saudi Arabia

Clean energy giants meet in Jeddah

The event aims to identify the latest technologies used in the production of clean electric energy.
JEDDAH: The Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) inaugurated the First Clean Energy Forum at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Jeddah on Wednesday.
Considered the first of its kind, the event with the slogan “Clean Energy and Fuel Additives,” attracted manufacturers, suppliers, fuel additives and combustion enhancers from around the world, and included specialists from government agencies, as well as companies and universities in the Kingdom.
The forum, held over two days, identified the latest technologies in the production of clean electric energy that use environmental standards to treat conventional fuels.
Clean Energy Forum manager and SEC quality and performance manager Fouad Al-Saiedi told Arab News: “This is the first clean energy forum in the Kingdom, and we started with fuel additives since 90 percent of energy production in Saudi Arabia depends on fossil oil. That is a problem, and we are here to exchange clean energy applications to deal with fossil oil from the very first stages.”
He added: “Twenty research papers were presented by more than 200 experts from around the world. And we regard the attendance of the president of the Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection, Khalil Al-Thaqafi, as real support to this initiative ... Shoura Council member Hadi Al-Yami also attended the forum.”
Thomas Parish, a speaker at the forum and a representative of the TEKH company, told Arab News: “It is a really refreshing to come to Saudi Arabia and see people trying to do what’s good, and to be a part of that process.”
Companies were invited to the forum to present state-of-the-art technologies used in the production of clean electric energy, in addition to the treatment of conventional fuels.
The initiative is considered to be at the heart of implementing Saudi Vision 2030.

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