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Saudi entertainment body sets ‘sweet spot’ concert ticket prices

Aziz, works at a local law firm and is also studying, excited about attending the first-ever Yanni concert in Jeddah. (AN photo)
Anmar Khurais pleased to be part of the audience at the grand event. (AN photo)
JEDDAH: The General Entertainment Authority (GEA), a recently established entity on the local Saudi scene, is trying its best to accommodate local venues with international stars at reasonable prices for the audiences.
The GEA sponsored a concert with the Greek performer Yanni last Thursday and Friday in Jeddah, and it was a blast, merging Saudis and expats, young and old; all came together to enjoy the world-class music.
Both of Yanni’s Jeddah shows were sold out, with tickets ranging from SR200 ($53), SR350 and SR600, while VIP tickets cost SR900.
Duaa Badr, a 26-year-old Syrian who has lived in Saudi most her life, told Arab News that she was really excited about what’s now happening in Saudi Arabia. “All these concerts and events, we’re doing things we used to travel to do,” said Badr, who occupied a Zone C seat and thought her ticket was reasonably priced.
“I expected a successful show; people attending are music lovers and it’s great to take part in it.”
On a different note, Mostafa Al-Shaqi, a 57-year-old consultant doctor, spoke to Arab News as he waited for his wife in the VIP lounge. “This is only the start of something great and we can expect even more at the great King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC).”
“This exceeded my expectations,” added Anmar Khurais, a 36-year-old freelancer who went along to say: “A Yanni concert is so far-sighted and something I’d assumed to be way out of reach. VIP tickets prices were reasonable when compared to other countries.”
Nisreen Hamdan from Jordan commended the GEA’s choice for bringing Yanni to Jeddah: “It’s a transcendence,” she said. “Such a successful concert, organizers did an amazing job and I hope we see more shows of this caliber in the future.”
Ibrahim from Syria traveled all the way from Madinah to attend the concert. “I’ve been a Yanni fan since I was 15 years old,” he told Arab News. “It’s been a dream of mine to see him live. It’s my first concert ever and I’m so happy I experienced it,” he added, from a second row seat that cost him less than a nice meal at a fancy Jeddah restaurant.

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